Our Mission

Why does everything we do have to cost the earth so dearly? Can we make slight changes to our habits to build a future that is more sustainable?

Let's be friends with the earth again.

We believe we need to take a very close look at our daily habits and make conscious choices that minimizes our footprint on our planet. The decisions that we make today defines our’s and future generation’s future. We have a responsibility to make the shift into a more sustainable one, because if we don’t, not only the products that we use today will still be around for long after we are gone but also our kids would have to take this responsibility because we didn’t. So, let’s make the switch and not pass this one on to our kids. Let’s build habits that we are proud to teach our future generations, habits that are more thoughtful and considers our environment.

Urth Friends is on a mission to make this shift easier by introducing habits/products that are not only more sustainable but also are of the highest quality and bring joy into our lives. The disposable and use to throw mentality produces products that are of much lower quality, this difference is felt by our customers only after a few days of use. So, make the switch and start your journey of being friends with the earth again.